Saturday, September 30, 2006

On Packaged Dinners, Etc.

The game is to find out what to do with the stuff ... in very fine print. Now a good many of the purchasers of these one-person packages are actually one person. They are one person because their companion has left once again, or they never had anyone, or everyone else has died off, and with the passage of time their eyes are not good, even if both of them are operational.

If the maker of the product "believes" in it, he/she should surely want the message of what to do with it to be clear. So, to get at the mystery. While "Nutrition Facts" are in quite large print, and "Ingredients" are in capital letters, the finest print is reserved for what the hell to do with it to make it edible. By the time you scrutinize this minutiae, if your time is worth anything, you are better off to take a taxi to the nearest fast food outlet, because this cute package is sure as hell not fast food.

Skipping "For firmer rice, decrease water; for softer rice, increase water", you come to microwave instructions. By this time, you have had two drinks more than you should, and a couple of chocolate bars are starting to look good to you.

It seems that food purveyors spend zillions on experts to design everything, from recipes to more efficient packaging. Hell, I could do that, much better. Could you tell me where I apply? I'm tired of just working for a living.


At 3:52 PM, Anonymous Keith said...

I read your blog very often, but I have never made any comments. I think that you put things so succinctly that any comments that I may make are superfluous.

I agree with you about the instructions on frozen meals, it is one of the things in life that really irritates me (I'm just a grumpy old git!). I usually empty the contents into a dish and shove it into the microwave until I think it's cooked enough. Never fails!

At 7:02 PM, Blogger Jim said...

Hi Don, Happy International Day of Old People (according to United Nations)... some marketing guy has probably doing a whole focus group on this problem...have you tried to open one of the plastic sealed anythings manufactured in China lately, you need sissors or a big knife and even then is tricky....would welcome your comments on my blog today about IDOP !!!

At 1:28 AM, Anonymous Joared said...

Well, you're certainly right about the print size. I get so annoyed at having to put on my reading glasses to decipher the fine print of cooking instructions on some of those packages.

At 1:49 PM, Anonymous milliegarfield said...

I agree with you 100%. Even with my eyeglasses on I find it difficulot to read the cooking instructions.

Just the other day I not only had trouble reading the instructions, they were on the bottom of the package. First do this then do this and then do this. By that time the package was in the micro and I had to hold it upside down to read the rest of the instructions. ;-)

I think that Keith has the greatest idea, just dump in in a bowl and heat until done.

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