Sunday, September 10, 2006

Responsibilities Of Age

As we age, we lose ability and others assume responsibility. Too many of us are too willing to let them, and we lose more ability. We should face this loss, and ourselves define our responsibilities. At the least, we should look after ourselves as much as possible, for our own good as well as for others'.

Also, we should accept and even ask for help when we do need it, avoiding unnecessary difficulties for all. We should be responsible, in every sense.

This responsibility includes continuity for what should not be lost, both things and records, and possibly most important, memories. We should pull things together, decide title as we prepare to go, write down the record, and with today's media, tape, photograph, or put on disk what we can, including our own memories. My own father remembered when there were no airplanes, and I remember when there was no television. My own poorly recorded memories also include the Halifax North End after the Explosion. I'd better hurry, as I am ninety-two and consciously -- or is it knowingly? -- forgetful.

Together with the record, shouldn't we pass on advice? Surely we have learned something which is relevant to the future, which so reliably repeats itself. Our responsibility, then, is to be as little a burden as we can manage, and to pass on the records and lessons we have accumulated and learned.


At 3:38 AM, Blogger Judith said...

Hullo Don, I found you through The Ageless Project. I do agree with what you say about recording. I have been storing up stuff in my mind and my computer for years, waiting for the time and the necessary kickstart to get going on my memoirs. And then I started a blog a year ago, and soon after I realised I was ready to go. So some of it is getting into my blog, and some of it is going into a computer file with a view to possible publication later. Will I find immortality that way? I wonder......

At 2:47 PM, Blogger sarchi said...

My father passed away last month so it is with myself the urgent need to correct mainly the many stories you keep for interests sake

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