Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Fat Of The Land Is Sinking The Land

One third of the world's population goes to bed hungry. Drugs are saving the disease-prone, and many who have not considered the consequences are having large families, often without attending males and with increasing statistics on AIDS. Natural resources are exported or used for products that are exported, with the benefits going to non-residents, mostly corporations, mostly foreign. However, in the rest of the world, people are getting fat, disastrously fat.

Everywhere, we are urged to eat carbohydrates which turn to fat, or fried foods, or meat whose production involves great use of land, water and food. In short, we are all, worldwide, either starving or getting fat.

Even in rich countries, "health" services, meaning services for the sick and unhealthy, are stretched to limits and face impossible demands in the all-too-near future. It is clear that young fat kids are almost certain to become obese adults; fat adults represent increasing percentages of diabetic and coronary cases; and as the "baby boomers" become older, and ultimately old, numbers will soar. All this is for sure, and may be a lot worse than we think.

So, food industries with very efficient promotion through the media are, although maybe unintentionally, but hardly in ignorance, producing sickness and early death.

Yesterday, we killed off passenger pigeons and most species of bison. Today we are fattening ourselves for the kill, while starvation and AIDS stalk the less "fortunate". Individually, we may be intelligent, but collectively, this seems stupid.


At 5:12 PM, Blogger Jim said...

In 1977 I was part of a group of folks engaged in creating "The Hunger Project" which was an experiement in how to create "An Idea Whose Time has Come", specificially the end of hunger and starvation. What we saw was the what was missing was a critical mass of folks taking personal responsibility and generating the political will for something to change....NOW we're dealing with the opposite symptom (obesity) of the same disease -- lack of personal responsiblity and "cognitive blindess" to the self-referential and destructive paradigm within which we are creating this wonderful world.

At 10:31 AM, Anonymous Raenie said...

Yes, the Obesity epidemic is a terrible problem. I also blogged about it, not too long ago.

Are people too busy, to take note of the fact, that their weight is slowly increasing?

It’s truly scary. Because all of these young people who are already obese will only keep gaining weight as they keep getting older.

I think that the early Boomers grew up prior to this problem. (imho ;)



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