Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Lovely Late October Day

Warm golden sunshine beams through the tall glass doors that lead to my balcony, reminding me they need to be cleaned. A large tree branch adds pattern, and nothing could be more beautiful, I tell myself, as I gaze out on the woodland beyond. Truly, what is more lovely than this late October day in the mid-latitudes?

My world -- alright, our world -- is tilted to the sun so that its hot rays must pass through quite a slice of atmosphere, with its pollution and dust, favouring the golden rays of my October day. Of course, the intense colours fade as the sun rises, but this means the day will warm up. And as for colour, frosty nights are not far away, and the trees over there are aglow with beautiful dying hues as the leaves prepare to fall off. This seeming decay protects the trees from sucking up too much water to service leaves which could not do their job in the cold weather in any case. Nature knows what she is doing.

Events in the fall do seem to be intelligent, and what is intelligence if it is not survival in changing circumstances? As I bask in this lovely morning, I know it will not last; it will be followed by snow on ground and trees, and by ice that will glitter in the branches on bright, cold mornings. I know winter can be stunning in its own way, to be followed by spring with its return of bursting life.

Eventually, outside my kitchen glass doors, I know too that lovely late October days will come again, and again.


At 8:16 PM, Blogger Keith said...

Here in England Jack Frost has already arrived. My bonsai maple trees looked a picture when the leaves turned to bright reds and yellows. I intended to take a photo to put on my website, but as usual I forgot, and now the leaves have all gone. In the mornings everywhere has turned white; and it's COLD!


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